Events Planning and Management

Marketing is a contest for people’s attention – and we love contests.


That’s why at Meyous, we plan for this attention!We understand that a successful event can facilitate tremendous personal, marketing and organizational benefits. With meticulous organization, proper preparation, and focused execution, we will ensure that your event is a success. We will design an event strategy based on your specifications and deliver a seamless planning process including venue selection and preparation, event marketing, logistics, as well as sound and entertainment services.

Brand Activations

“Let’s introduce your brand to the right territories!”

Brand activation in today’s contemporary and media intensive world requires tactical production and creation of end-to end campaign solutions. Our highly professional team of experts has the aptitude to introduce your brand/service to the market.
Our objective is to increase the popularity of your brand, not only among your consumers, but among competitors as well. By immersing ourselves into engaging activities that capture the hearts of your consumers and anyone that matters, our team will create an activation campaign designed for success, and in turn deliver tangible results.

Experiential Marketing

Establish strong and personal connections with your clients by engaging them in experiential marketing. By creating immersive and unforgettable experiences, we help you intensify your brand’s engagement by creating face to face connections with consumers and clients. Our objective is to offer sampling and feedback services to help you serve your consumers better.

Activities in experiential marketing involve:

  • stimulation of word of mouth
  • building and strengthening relationships
  • creating memories in relation to your brand
  • transform minds of dissatisfied customers

Digital/Social Media Marketing

“In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.” __ Seth Godin

It is undeniable; social media has transformed marketing, for the better. You want visibility? You definitely can get it. But it does not come easy. With our expertise, we will help you make the most of the power of digital marketing by utilizing a strategic approach aimed at building your professional community and networks, as well as encouraging consumer participation and engagement. We Strategize – You Play!

Sound and Entertainment Services

“Marketing is being heard in many ways!”

We provide premium quality sound and entertainment services aimed at ensuring that you and your guests enjoy your special event. Our audio team and DJ staff is friendly, reliable, knowledgeable and approachable, offering an unrivalled degree of service at the highest level of professionalism. We make an effort to understand your needs and requirements in order to style our service and performance accordingly.

Brand Ambassador Services

“Want to consolidate brand loyalty?”

Task Meyous with the responsibility of recruiting and training brand ambassadors that can embody the essence of your brand! We will create performance and supervisory measures by which the success of the ambassadors can be measured, as well as ensuring that proper attention and appreciation is paid to your brand.