How to infuse campus brand ambassadors as a brand strategy?

Converting loyal clients and customers in a series of different marketing solutions might just be the solution to increasing profitability and brand awareness. More organizations are embracing the concept of brand ambassador programs as a way to spread the word regarding products and services available on offer.

With the continued and increased used of various internet platforms for marketing, customer opinions and reviews have become indispensable for the growth and success of any brand. Brands, especially emerging ones, are always striving to reach young audiences through campus brand ambassadors.

While a number of organizations have mastered the art of using colleges and university campuses as an advertising platform, only the very skilled have managed to target millennials in a fun and engaging way. Brand ambassadors are people that are considered influencers, because they have the capability to sway and direct target audiences to valuable products and services. Brand ambassadors embody the essence of the brand, and are essentially walking personifications of your brand.

When it comes to your local university and college campuses, all companies, large and small, can benefit from the large disposable income that students have to offer. Organizations have the tendency to make terrible assumptions about students, thereby ignoring their potential as consumers. Sure, university students do not have tones of disposable income, however, more often than not; students are always willing to spend money on items and services of value.  For instance, a large percentage of a student’s budget is dedicated to discretionary products such as cosmetics, food and clothes. The utilization of college ambassadors allows organizations to reap the benefits of the hands- on experience used to improve the organization’s social position in the market, therefore, expanding the brand.  Additionally, with the right ambassadors, brand recognition becomes a priority, which facilitates entry into the lucrative university market.

Steps to infusing a brand ambassador

To begin enjoying the benefits of campus ambassadors, brand strategy demands creating a comfortable and welcoming space for interested candidates to apply. The process involves making certain that all the information about the program, including the perks and benefits, as well as the demands for the jobs, are available for easy access and retrieval.  After posting and gauging prospective ambassadors, it is essential to motivate them by creating enticing offers such as freebies or on-the job-experience to ensure successful interactions. Ensuring that proper attention and appreciation is paid to brand ambassadors makes certain that the program works efficiently and accordingly.

Does it actually work?

How effective are campus ambassador programs in real sense? Evidence shows that organizations that carry out the process in the right way experience increased sales in campuses within the first few months. If a brand reaches the campus audience early on, brand loyalty is created instantaneously. If your ambassadors offer target audiences with useful services and products, the consumers are likely to associate and equate the services and products provided with value to their daily life.  By allowing the representatives to host engaging events, organizations are establishing deep roots that will eventually grow into prosperous social and business connections that will increase your customer base exponentially.

We have done it before, and our clients are a testimony of how it can work. Here are a few samples of what this concept would look like.

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