Driving consumer engagement through brand activation

When an organization introduces a product or service into the market, that product is virtually unknown to the masses. Various ways to introduce the product to the people include advertising and marketing campaigns, experiential programs, as well as client participation approaches.

In order to create awareness, brands and organizations are increasingly reverting to brand activations as a way to increase popularity among consumers and competitors. Brand activations issue the consumer with face-to face and personal connections that is often lacking in many businesses.

The process of brand activation essentially involves all the procedures utilized in making sure that a brand is well known and loved by consumers. Activations are typically characterized by the experiential incidents created as a way to generate interest towards the product or services offered, which allows consumers to get firsthand knowledge regarding the brand. Via this approach, the benefits of whichever product or service is on offer are presented to the client, which positions and activates the brand in the minds of clients.

The process builds a constructive and affirmative insight, which is an extremely commanding and lasting way to ensure that a brand is successful and enduring throughout the years.  Additionally, activations help consumers to evade the hustle of trying product after product by selecting a brand that has recently been activated.

Consumer activations are a crucial part of establishing a constructive acuity for the brand. Brand activations can be done through various ways including: product sampling in supermarkets and various stores, sponsorship and brand ambassador programs, as well as face-to-face experiences, otherwise known as experiential marketing.

An organization must therefore establish its core principles and values that will set them apart from other businesses and competitors. In order to further increase the success of a brand, organizations also have to position themselves in a manner that will highlight the long-term benefits of subscribing to the service or purchasing the product.

Consumer engagement platforms are aimed at reaching potential customers by establishing a real emotional connection with the brand. The result is the establishment of positive feelings for the brand in a manner that grows support and loyalty for the brand; in the end, translating to maximized profits. The personal connections created between client and producers assist to create credibility and trust towards the brand.

Advantages of brand activations

  • Brand activations allow companies and organizations to receive feedback from consumers. In this regard, consumer engagement can develop strategies aimed at improving client experience, which only works to grow the brand.
  • Activations can revitalize and old brand and give it an air of freshness. Activations are also pertinent for old companies that have recently re-branded).
  • They can strengthen the company’s credibility among competitors, therefore making a product or service prominent in the market.
  • It eliminates the hustle and expenses associated with traditional marketing, that is, television commercials, billboards and newspaper advertisements.

Organizations, therefore, should not underestimate the value of brand activations. Activations play an essential role in shaping and building a brand’s relevance in the market. As a company, we believe that the value of this is seen in its rewarding capacity. We like to share some of our experiences with clients who have passed through our hands.

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